Eye Exam

Here at Stephen Wilcox Optometrists we allow up to 45 minutes for your eye examination.sighttest photo1The first stage is to determine if you are having any problems related to your eyes or sight. To help us you will be asked questions relating to your family history and your own general health . Your lifestyle, occupation and hobbies can all influence how you use your eyesight and this information allows us to offer you the best professional advice.

Many of the initial readings from your eyes are performed using sophisticated machines, such as the Zeiss I-Profiler which will evaluate how accurately your eyes focus without us having to even ask a question or shine a light in your eye.

Regular eye exams not only check for eye health, but can also detect signs affecting other parts of the body such as high blood pressure and diabetes. This is why we invested in the Optomap eye scanner which painlessly shows a panoramic live 3D view of inside your eyes so that we can discuss with you how your eyes look and store the images on computer so that year on year a personal library can be built up allowing subtle changes to be spotted that much quicker if they occur.

We are proud to state that we are the only optometrists on Merseyside , besides the St. Paul's hospital eye unit, to have Optomap

At the conclusion of your appointment we will fully explain our findings and make any recommendations , if necessary, on how to optimise your eyesight with the correct lenses …….be they contact or spectacles.

Our team all enjoy their work and we hope this is conveyed from the time you are welcomed into the practice and during your journey through it