Dyslexia & Visual Stress

Stephen Wilcox Opticians are specialists in the area of eyesight problems associated with dyslexia and receive referrals from not only schools, colleges and universities but clients from other opticians, including Specsavers.

This all started over 20 years ago when Stephen was asked by the father of an 8yr old boy why his son was not a good reader if his eyesight measured perfectly well ?

Stephen could not, at the time, answer the question with any sound advice but his interest was sparked and he subsequently researched and attended numerous courses enabling him to gain more information and ultimately achieve further exam qualifications (London City University).

A high number of dyslexics (and non dyslexics too) suffer with a visual condition called Visual Stress (once known as Meares Irlen Syndrome). This can consciously or sub consciously cause discomfort and distress to the eyes by perceived distortions of the text the person is trying to read so slowing them down, causing too many mistakes or putting them off reading altogether. 

The Medical Research Council undertook placebo controlled research to confirm that by changing the colour of a page to a specific shade these distortions can be greatly alleviated.

The most accurate means of finding the correct shade of colour is by using a machine called a colorimeter. Initially though a trial might be undertaken using a simple overlay sheet to an approximate colour before making tinted glasses.

We make only a small charge for the initial investigation and issuing an overlay sheet. If this is ultimately found to be successful then colorimetry will be performed to find the correct tint for glasses. These glasses may sometimes incorporate a prescription to help focusing as well. Colorimetry and the manufacture of the glasses also incur charges, which are kept to reasonable levels.

If it is over 12 months since your previous eye test another one would be recommended also during your first appointment.

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