Sight test and Eye treatments

We feel we provide the most comprehensive sight tests and eye exams available. That’s why 45minutes will be allocated for your appointment time, be it private or through the NHS. (For children this will usually be around 20 minutes)

Not only will the accuracy of your eye sight be checked by using the latest equipment but also you will receive a full eye health screening including checks for cataract , glaucoma, macular degeneration, and don’t forget your eyes can reflect how your own general health status might be. It is not uncommon for diagnosis on high blood pressure or diabetes to be made through a routine eye test.

Stephen Wilcox is professionally accredited to be able to assess you for cataract and glaucoma and then fast track you for medical treatment by an eye consultant at an NHS or private hospital of your choice. We have direct links to St.Pauls and SpaMedica NHS eye clinics, the latter being able to treat your cataracts within about 1 month of us referring you.

We were the first and only opticians in Merseyside to introduce wide field retina scanning 10 years ago to help us diagnose early signs of retinal tears or detachments along with eye tumours. This has now been replaced with the latest technology called OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) giving us images of the back of your eyes very similar to MRI scans but using safer light rays rather than X rays. This means also that the two most common eye diseases, glaucoma and macular degeneration can be diagnosed much quicker - Click here for further information.

Of course not all eye conditions need to be referred and we take great professional satisfaction by running a “Dry eye clinic” which commonly affects most of us as we get older or can even be caused by our working conditions. The symptoms of dry eye can be life changing in their severest form and of only background discomfort in there mildest presentation. It is important that the correct diagnosis is made as the cause can be due to either insufficient tear production or by infection and this will decide the most appropriate treatment and management which can range from simple eye drops to more intense eyelid and tear gland treatment. It is not only the older generation who might suffer with this condition because it can be linked with prolonged use of computers or mobile devices please ask us for further details. 

OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography)


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